Monday, October 12, 2009

Out of the office

This afternoon I am working from "out of the office". We (VR) as partners with the Employment Security Commission (ESC) are required to cover a slot at the ESC office every Monday from 1-5. We take turns filling the slot and today is my turn.....It is a real joke doing this. We basically taking turns sitting in a chair doing NOTHING for 4 hours per week. ESC is a "partner" with VR and we supposedly get referrals through them, but .... well, nuf said.

SO, here I sit at ESC...........I brought my laptop and printer and I have been doing some work on my VR files but I'm taking a short break from that. Getting ready to work on some school work. Can't complain about some time away from the office to get some uninterupted time. No phone walk appointments. Nice. But I would really be bored if I had a do nothing type job. I like to be busy while I'm at work!

I am working hard on not wishing my life away. My current motto is "Focus on the moment". I realized that I spend way too much time looking forward to getting through something instead of just enjoying the moment. Working on that!!!

SO....I am not going to enjoy a few moments of uninterupted study time!! :) Happy Monday!!!

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