Monday, October 12, 2009

Out of the office

This afternoon I am working from "out of the office". We (VR) as partners with the Employment Security Commission (ESC) are required to cover a slot at the ESC office every Monday from 1-5. We take turns filling the slot and today is my turn.....It is a real joke doing this. We basically taking turns sitting in a chair doing NOTHING for 4 hours per week. ESC is a "partner" with VR and we supposedly get referrals through them, but .... well, nuf said.

SO, here I sit at ESC...........I brought my laptop and printer and I have been doing some work on my VR files but I'm taking a short break from that. Getting ready to work on some school work. Can't complain about some time away from the office to get some uninterupted time. No phone walk appointments. Nice. But I would really be bored if I had a do nothing type job. I like to be busy while I'm at work!

I am working hard on not wishing my life away. My current motto is "Focus on the moment". I realized that I spend way too much time looking forward to getting through something instead of just enjoying the moment. Working on that!!!

SO....I am not going to enjoy a few moments of uninterupted study time!! :) Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Bit Silly of me!

This post is probably going to seem a bit silly and maybe a little mushy, but I think this is exciting.

Dr. Phil and Robin just announced (with their son Jay, his wife Ericka and the other son Jordan) that Phil and Robin are going to join the wonderful world of GRANDPARENTING!!! Jay and Ericka are expecting---they are 16 weeks---and they will have the ultrasound tomorrow on "the Doctor". I am SO EXCITED for them. Robin was so so cute about it. She is so happy and I know how she feels!!

Also, she absolutely ADORES her daughter-in-law. It is so obvious. I also can relate to that. She feels so so blessed that Ericka will be the mother of her grandchild and I think that is awesome!! Mother's with sons are extra extra blessed when the sons marry girls that like the mother :). Ericka calls Robin "Blossom" and Robin thinks that might be a cute Grandma name although she said over and over that the grandbaby can call her ANYTHING he or she chooses (grin).

I thought that was really great news and I wanted to share it here. YAY for Dr. Phil and Robin!! (Oh yeah, and congrats to Jay, Ericka and Uncle Jordan too!!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

beautiful day!!!!

The weather has been so gorgeous lately. I love everything about Fall except the fact that it means winter is on the way. I love winter too except for the fact that I have to go outside and get cold....that hurts!! But I do love the beautiful fall weather with the temps in the 60s or 70s, cool breezes, beautiful skies, football, scarecrows, pumpkins, mums and hay.........

Had a lovely day at the Pumpkin farm on Saturday with Chris' family. Silas was precious picking out his pumpkin. He basically wanted the smallest one possible. Very cute. His favaorite part seemed to be playing on the sand pile!! It was a beautiful day and just nice to be with the family. Now to figure out time to go visit with Jason's family again soon!!

I will really be happy when I finish this degree. I have right about 10 months left....approx 8 months of actual school time since I get close to a month break in between each semester. I can't wait. I have SO many things on my WANT TO DO list that I can't squeeze in like I want to right now. Here are a few of the things on my list:

1) Organize the attic and clean out.
2) Get all of my pictures in albums and do some scrapbooking.
3) Learn to play the base. (I'm working on that now but I just don't have the time I need to REALLY learn)
4) Spend more time with the family..... especially my parents. I've been very neglectful on the end in an effort to not be neglectful on the grandkids end.
5) Get re-involved with a ministry at SCC.....that one needs some prayer.
6) Re-model my kitchen.
7) Get my yard back in good shape.

That is in no special order but just easy off the top of my head to list. Seems like the list is piling up and I get really frustrated and overwhelmed. Right now my classes are pretty frustrating as well....especially practicum. I have no problem DOING the work, but documenting it is challenging and working with the professor in charge is challenging. He is "teaching" (I say that lightly) from Florida, first time ever doing on-line....maybe his first time teaching on a college level (or ANY level)....He is a rehab professional who is deaf and somewhat technologically challenged-----shew. It has been interesting!!! BUT, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!!