Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mumble Jumble of Thoughts

SO much is going on I don't even know where to start. (**Note: after reading this over again, I see that it is not very organized but I'm just typing typing typing and clearing my thoughts. I guess this is more for my own benefit that anyone else's, so that doesn't matter, right?**)

I'll start with some good news. I had an appt. with my neurologist yesterday and ended up meeting with a gentleman who has been involved with fibromyalgia research that indicates FM is related to neurological disorders. I'm on a new med that helps with the pain issues (related to neurotransmitters in the brain that send wrong pain signals) as well as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor med (or whatever that is called). I will have to wean off my Celexa and the new drug (Savella) will be similar to taking a Celexa plus Lyrica. SO, instead of adding Lyrica, I'm trying this med instead. PRAYING this will help reduce or maybe even illiminate the constant flare-ups I've had recently.

More good news is that I have completed the semester. THANK GOD. Some not so great news came from my practicum professor...........................LONG story. I have struggled with this professor's style all semester and an email I got today was the final straw. Supposed to have this guy for my internship in the Spring and I do NOT want to do that so I have some tough decisions to make. But first I plan to wait for grades and cool down a bit. It'll be ok, I am sure, but I do not need any additional stress in my life. I am hoping and praying that this all works itself out.

Also an issue with my internship is whether my manager in my Wilson office can be my site supervisor or not. Again, LONG story but another source of stress for me. Also praying this will work out. The alternative is working with someone out of the Rocky Mount office. I think she would be ok to work with but I just don't know.....feeling uneasy about the whole internship.

My other classes for the spring and summer look great....I LOVE the 2 professors I have for all the remainder of my classes, so that is truely a positive. The other positive is that, after August, I will be FINISHED!! I HAVE to make the internship thing work out....I can not bear the thought of extending my completion time. Please pray about this for me..............

On another topic---I am SO into the holidays this year! I will be so glad when grades are posted for the fall and books are ordered for the Spring so I can just not even open my school email and blackboard for a few weeks.

I don't know why but for some reason the Christmas season seems so much more precious to me this year. And for all the right reasons. I haven't bought many gifts and honestly don't plan to. I will do the stocking stuffers and a few small gifts for a few special folks but nothing elaborate. I just feel so relaxed about it this year. I have sat and enjoyed my tree and a Christmas movie or Christmas music every day since we put the tree up before Thanksgiving. I'm loving all the lights, and the music (which I normally don't allow until after Thanksgiving because Mark goes a little too far for my taste, normally), and the whole atmosphere surrounding Christmas.

Last night I enjoyed a Christmas banquet with the Wilson chapter of the National Federation for the Blind. If you know me well you know the word "enjoy" would not normal be attached with that sentence. I tend to enjoy staying home or being with my small group of family and friends. Going to banquets or participating with an "organization" is not my style. But I REALLY enjoyed it!! I was with Binnie, and Trish (who is blind, is the president of the Wilson group, and plays violin at our church each year at Christmastime) and Trish's family members (and Mark, of course). It was really nice and FUN! I look forward to the day that I can be a volunteer for groups such as this.

One thing that was extra fun about that to me was that it was so interested observing Blind culture and just seeing the comraderie of this group. I am constantly immersed in Deaf culture and I enjoy that too, but this was a different experience for me and was fascinating.

I love that I get to work everyday with indidviduals with disabilities. Though I must say it is their abilities that make the job so amazing. It is really inspiring to help a person realize their potential and help them set and reach goals. I am truely blessed.

Another thing on my mind is my children and grandchildren. If you follow their blogs or if you know them (or know ME well) you know some of the things in their lives. I am so proud of my boys and their wives. I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for Lindsey and Teri. I wish I could "be there" for them more. I wish I could babysit Ariel on some of the days Teri works. I wish I could visit with each grandchild individually weekly. I wish I was close enough that if they wanted to go out for a cup of coffee, I could drop everything and just go. I wish I could put into words how much I love them all and how proud I am to be Chris' and Jason's mom.

Watching "Elf" with syrup for breakfast. Gotta love it.

FINALLY over my cold. Woke up this morning feeling rested and well :) Now Mark is fighting it.

Well, that is way more than enough.