Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just for today....

This has been a lovely day. It has rained all day and has been very windy but such a lovely day! It is Veteran's day and I didn't have to work. Mark decided to take the day off with me. We slept late.....I woke up early and read for a while and went back to sleep. That "after I wake up and read" sleep is always the BEST!

After we got up and got showers we went out for coffee and went to Best Buy. We are loooking at getting a small TV for our exercise room. It will also double as a TV for the play room (which is also our guest room). Mark is touching up the paint in those 2 rooms and painting the door that separates the rooms. I want to clean off the shelves and re-organize in there. But one thing at a time!!

I have been really trying to just live in the moment....just enjoy the time to do nothing. I have been feeling really overwhelmed with work and school (as a combination) and really feel like I have been just "spinning wheels". That is hard for me because I am normally very much on top of things....especially at work. I feel like I am working myself to death and accomplishing nothing. I know in my logical mind that this isn't true, but emotionally I am struggling!

I'm getting down to "crunch time" with this semester. It has been a slack and disorganized semester, but the work still has to be done, and I have not been on top of it as I should be. Three more weeks before semester break. I really need to buckle down. I will get it done (I always do) but in the meantime....argh!!

But today...just for today at least....I will relax and will enjoy a moment of freedom. I will live in the moment. I will relax. I will enjoy the rain and the peaceful feeling it brings. Just for today I will

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3 more weeks

Gearing up for another class tonight...Practicum. I will be presenting my 3rd of 3 cases that I have to do a formal presentation on. I am so tired. Only 3 more weeks of class for this semester and then BREAK. YAY...can't wait!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not so good

I'm not very good at this blogging thing! I read other blogs pretty often but don't post so much.

Right now i'm laying in bed with a heating pad on my back. Woke up barely able to move this morning. I think it's just another flare-up but I don't know. I get really sick of feeling bad. I push so hard but sometimes I just want to give up.

This has been a pretty busy--but not so productive week for me. Worked Mon-Tues, class Tues. night, traveled to Greensboro Wed. morning for a 3 day training, got home Fri. evening, worked the ENCSD football game from 10-4 Saturday, and came home exhausted. Went to bed last night with a back ache and woke up this morning.....well.....yeah.

I am really frustrated right now because it feels like I am SO busy ALL the time yet not really being very productive at ANYthing.

Just typed a whole parragraph and erased it all. I hate being negative. It's hard when you hurt. I'm tired of hurting! That's all for now.