Friday, March 27, 2009


It was set for Pacific time....that is why. Figured it out all by myself. YAY for me!!


Why is my clock wrong on this blog? My computer is is now 8:02 p.m. but my blog thingy will say I posted this at 3 or 4 something. Wonder why???


I am so glad today is Friday. This has been a pretty good week. We had "VR days" at ENCSD this week. That's when all the counselors in our catchment area (the east) come to our school to meet the students that John and I serve. When the students graduate, the home counselors will serve them and that is why we have VR they can meet. We also have a big d/hh staff meeting that day. Of course since it is here in Wilson, we end up playing host which is somewhat stressful for us.................but it is over for this year and it went well.

School is going well too......just a lot of work (as it should be). Someone made the statement (won't say who and won't say where) that feeling overwhelmed means you "bit off more than you can chew". I TOTALLY disagree with that. If everyone took that attitude not much worth doing would be accomplished! Don't we all feel a little (or ALOT) overwhelmed at times? I really hate it when people make off the cuff statements like that......especially when I'm not in a position to defend. By the way, the statement was not directed exactly at me, but ..... well, close enough. Nuf said.

So tonight is movie night for Mark and me.................but he went out real quick to pick up something for me so I'm just gabbing. Talking to myself.....Some venues are too public. This one not so much..... But maybe I should start a blog that no one knows about so I can just type whatever I think without having to edit my thoughts. Hmmm....that is a thought!

Interesting what Don Wilson said at the Rally about preacher's wives.....I wish EVERYone could have heard some of the things he said. Just a thought!

Only a few weeks left in this semester then a break for about a month. NICE except Mark will be gone for the bulk of that time. Not so nice. Then the summer.....WHEW.....let's don't go there. Alrighty then...nuf said about that too!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Many Things

I have to be one of the most blessed women in the world. Last week I spent all day Th and Fri with my sons and their families and it was the most amazing experience. I just can't even put into words how amazing it was to me to sit back and watch my boys do what they do and just soak in the joy of being a mom and a grandma. Just amazing!!

It's also amazing to me how good God has been to me in my marriage. Mark and I were SO YOUNG when we met and married. When I look at 16/17/18 year olds now and try to imagine some of them doing what we did......I can't even fatham it. I just know God was in it for us and I am so thankful that here we are almost 30 years later looking back at a life so blessed.

And the cool thing about it is I am only 46 years old.....I have, potentially, another 40+ years left!! It's exciting to me that I was able to raise 2 amazing sons--who are now amazing husbands and fathers; have 2 beautiful and amazing grandchildren (and more to come)............and now with all that behind me (and ahead of me) I am working towards my Master's (which I will have in another 17 months) and an amazing career.....doing almost exactly what I thought I wanted to do WAY back in the 8th grade. MAN, God has really brought it all together for me!

And yet, there are days when I feel so frustrated and just like I can't go another day. I know my physical limitations play into that.....but I hate that it happens. But I think it is that which keeps things in perspective for me. I realize that all that I have and all I am able to accomplish is from God because because I am certainly not strong enough on my own strength!!

I must admit I will be very happy when I get through school (and this being the last degree I plan to pursue). I thought I would get this Master's, get the job, and go back for my 2nd MA in Marriage and Family counseling. I have decided I just don't have that in me. If that is to be, God will have to throw it in my lap because I just don't see it happening. BUT, I never would have guessed 5 years ago that I would have gotten THIS far in this short amount of we shall see!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 we go

This is just going to be my private journal of how I'm feeling and my responses to things going on around me. I don't aim for this to be something that I expect others to enjoy reading but I will post anything here that would bother me if others DO read it. This is for me.

It is also for the purpose, at times, of posting comments or questions to anyone who might chose to read....sometimes I like feedback and like to get other opinions on my ideas as a sounding board. I don't really have a good sounding board in my life right now.

So for today, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Work has been a bit stressful lately due to some events beyond my control, but nothing unexpected in a job like mine. School has been very intense and there are elements of stress there as well. Home life has been stressful due to my lack of free time to care for my home and my family as is my passion. And of course, with the FM and the Migraines, my body has been a frustration. Now, TRUELY!!...... I can handle the work stress--just normal life! I can handle the school stress--just a part of doing Master's work. And I can handle the normal stressors of home/family/and all the stuff that goes with that. I can even handle the stress of chronic pain----I can function with FM and migraines!

But let me tell you, when you factor all of those in together, at their highest levels, all in one day...that leads to an overwhelming existence. And that is sort of where I am right now (without going into the details of how they each got to the "highest levels" of negative stress. I'm just thinking that all of it on the plate at one time over and over and over for every meal every day is a bit much to swallow!

BUT......I always look for the bright side......that's the fun part......and I can find many in this. The one i will mention now is, NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK and also just a 2 1/2 day work week. So I get a breather. That is very good news. I need it badly!!

On another lighter topic.....Silas stayed with us this weekend. WHAT FUN! He is a joy! Can not believe we didn't take pictures. Mark brought the camera, and I thought "man I wish we had the camera so we could get a picture of that" a million times--not realizing tha the had the camera (which he FORGOT he had). So, no pics of Silas' first group ride. Oh well, it was so fun seeing his reactions and it won't be the last time.

I'm so tired! Had 2 midterms this week already (and it's only Wed.!). I did get one grade a 100!!! Only 3 perfect scores in the class so I was pumped. YAY! I'll leave on that happy note and on the notion that there are happier days to come!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am trying to figure this out but I am so tired!!! I did a few things but I'm going to write here and catch up soon!