Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so glad today is Friday. This has been a pretty good week. We had "VR days" at ENCSD this week. That's when all the counselors in our catchment area (the east) come to our school to meet the students that John and I serve. When the students graduate, the home counselors will serve them and that is why we have VR they can meet. We also have a big d/hh staff meeting that day. Of course since it is here in Wilson, we end up playing host which is somewhat stressful for us.................but it is over for this year and it went well.

School is going well too......just a lot of work (as it should be). Someone made the statement (won't say who and won't say where) that feeling overwhelmed means you "bit off more than you can chew". I TOTALLY disagree with that. If everyone took that attitude not much worth doing would be accomplished! Don't we all feel a little (or ALOT) overwhelmed at times? I really hate it when people make off the cuff statements like that......especially when I'm not in a position to defend. By the way, the statement was not directed exactly at me, but ..... well, close enough. Nuf said.

So tonight is movie night for Mark and me.................but he went out real quick to pick up something for me so I'm just gabbing. Talking to myself.....Some venues are too public. This one not so much..... But maybe I should start a blog that no one knows about so I can just type whatever I think without having to edit my thoughts. Hmmm....that is a thought!

Interesting what Don Wilson said at the Rally about preacher's wives.....I wish EVERYone could have heard some of the things he said. Just a thought!

Only a few weeks left in this semester then a break for about a month. NICE except Mark will be gone for the bulk of that time. Not so nice. Then the summer.....WHEW.....let's don't go there. Alrighty then...nuf said about that too!

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