Wednesday, March 11, 2009 we go

This is just going to be my private journal of how I'm feeling and my responses to things going on around me. I don't aim for this to be something that I expect others to enjoy reading but I will post anything here that would bother me if others DO read it. This is for me.

It is also for the purpose, at times, of posting comments or questions to anyone who might chose to read....sometimes I like feedback and like to get other opinions on my ideas as a sounding board. I don't really have a good sounding board in my life right now.

So for today, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Work has been a bit stressful lately due to some events beyond my control, but nothing unexpected in a job like mine. School has been very intense and there are elements of stress there as well. Home life has been stressful due to my lack of free time to care for my home and my family as is my passion. And of course, with the FM and the Migraines, my body has been a frustration. Now, TRUELY!!...... I can handle the work stress--just normal life! I can handle the school stress--just a part of doing Master's work. And I can handle the normal stressors of home/family/and all the stuff that goes with that. I can even handle the stress of chronic pain----I can function with FM and migraines!

But let me tell you, when you factor all of those in together, at their highest levels, all in one day...that leads to an overwhelming existence. And that is sort of where I am right now (without going into the details of how they each got to the "highest levels" of negative stress. I'm just thinking that all of it on the plate at one time over and over and over for every meal every day is a bit much to swallow!

BUT......I always look for the bright side......that's the fun part......and I can find many in this. The one i will mention now is, NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK and also just a 2 1/2 day work week. So I get a breather. That is very good news. I need it badly!!

On another lighter topic.....Silas stayed with us this weekend. WHAT FUN! He is a joy! Can not believe we didn't take pictures. Mark brought the camera, and I thought "man I wish we had the camera so we could get a picture of that" a million times--not realizing tha the had the camera (which he FORGOT he had). So, no pics of Silas' first group ride. Oh well, it was so fun seeing his reactions and it won't be the last time.

I'm so tired! Had 2 midterms this week already (and it's only Wed.!). I did get one grade a 100!!! Only 3 perfect scores in the class so I was pumped. YAY! I'll leave on that happy note and on the notion that there are happier days to come!

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