Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's a beautiful day!!

So why do I have to feel so bad? I hate it! But at least I'm not depressed...that is good! Been running a low grade fever again and I know I just need to spend a day in bed but I don't want to!! I want to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Started learning to play base guitar today. It's gonna be fun. I hope I can take time to work on this every day. Really helps that I'm already a musician.............picked up the basics pretty quickly. Now I just need to learn tips, techniques, and practice practice practice!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long Day

This has been and will continue to be a very long day for me!!! Up this morning around 6ish....enjoyed a little time visiting with Chris, Lindsey, Silas and Savannah before work. Left home around 7:45 and have already been to Roanoke Rapids and back and I'm set up to do an new applicant interview (which I have to video tape for practicum)..............will work work work and take a short break before heading to the Wilson county fairgrounds at 5 to work the VR booth until 9. LONG day.

I'm hoping that Chris and Lindsey will be able to bring the kids out to the fair. Tonight is truck and tractor competition and I know Silas would love that. I am hoping I can take some of my comp time (for working tonight) off tomorrow but I don't know. It's the last week of the fiscal year and I still have paperwork to do to get our outcomes in on time.

Gotta go now.............time for the client. Later!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My sweet babies!!

I absolutely love this picture of Ariel. She is so sweet and innocent!! Look at that finger in the mouth and the cute little curl of her toes.

I miss you guys!!!!

Interesting review!!

I just read through all my posts on this blog. Pretty cool!! My original blog (MONTHS ago) sums me up. The updates are fun to read and I missed out on some comments people had made. Cool! Another cool thing?? I blogged awile back that I "only" had 17 more months of grad school. Well, now I only have 10 1/2 more months :D WOOHOO to that!!!!! I really can see the light at the end of that ole' tunnel!!

Hateful Fibromyalgia!!

What a great weekend I had. But here I sit "paying" for it. Once again I overdid and once again I pay.

We planned to leave Th after work but I was already overly tired and in some pain so I decided another night in my own bed might be a good idea..................but, as is often the case, I didn't rest well so I woke up Friday hurting and with a headache. YUCK!!!!! We got up EARLY...........(6ish) so we could be loaded and ready to go around 7:30. Some miscommunication left Mark at John's house trying to get him to hear the door while John was at our house waiting to load his bike..............

Mark got back around 8 to realize (after another half hour) that the trailer we borrowed was not going to work. So they both decided to ride and and drove the truck. Not a problem.....I enjoy driving and listening to my music. That was nice and it was a GORGEOUS day........................Enjoyed Friday visiting with Jason, Teri and sweet Ariel. She is an amazing little girl. I can't get over how much I love her and Silas and Savannah. The way they make me feel.......I can not even describe it. I thought there was no greater love than a Mother's love. My love for them is probably not GREATER than my love for Chris and Jason but it is right up there on the same level. WOW.

Anyway, Saturday was also a gorgeous day. Great day for a ride. Got to MACU by 8...............left there by 5 or home around 9:30 (a LOT of

Sunday was SO church by 8..............most of the day spent there....back home by 8 that night. All good stuff but not with good after-effects for the FM. I had a TERRIBLE flare-up yesterday and woke up sick in my stomach this morning. I HATe that. And there is not one thing I can do about it.

Right now I am feeling like I can not go on. I skipped football practice last night because I was just too sick to manage. Back to work today----class tonight. I have several assignments due....NO IDEA when i will get to it. Hopefully sometime today but we are in the Rocky Mount VR office and my schedule is FULL......right now I have a "no show" so I can breathe just for a minute.

Thursday is another day on the road and Th. from 5-9 I have to work the county fair (VR booth) and I don't know how I will do it. I am so tired!!!!

ON A HAPPY NOTE..... I had my annual evaluation for work Monday and I got "Very Good" across the board (that is the highest of our ratings) and my manager stressed in the write up how well I am balancing my school work with my VR responsibilities. I really appreciated that because it is SO hard, and I do work extra hard to manage and I appreciate her recognizing that in a formal way.

Welll......My 11:00 appt. has arrived we go! I could've used this 10 minutes to work on school but I needed an outlet. I don't think anyone reads this, but that is makes me feel better. I know my God is good and HE will see me through. I know I am doing everything I do for HIS glory... I CAN do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens me. I am blessed.