Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long Day

This has been and will continue to be a very long day for me!!! Up this morning around 6ish....enjoyed a little time visiting with Chris, Lindsey, Silas and Savannah before work. Left home around 7:45 and have already been to Roanoke Rapids and back and I'm set up to do an new applicant interview (which I have to video tape for practicum)..............will work work work and take a short break before heading to the Wilson county fairgrounds at 5 to work the VR booth until 9. LONG day.

I'm hoping that Chris and Lindsey will be able to bring the kids out to the fair. Tonight is truck and tractor competition and I know Silas would love that. I am hoping I can take some of my comp time (for working tonight) off tomorrow but I don't know. It's the last week of the fiscal year and I still have paperwork to do to get our outcomes in on time.

Gotta go now.............time for the client. Later!

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