Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ASL placement

So today we were assigned to ASL classes based on our interviews yesterday. It appears that I totally floored the evaluators....they were not sure what to do with me. They said that I sign like a native deaf person.....with great vocabulary, hugely sufficient conversational skills (both receptive and expressive). How ever, my exact ASL grammar / sentence structure / follow the rules stuff is weak (as is consistent with a native signer since they are never taught ASL proper grammer and neither have I been).

SO, I was not assigned with one of the groups. I have been assigned one-on-one to a tutor for one hour per day and they ordered me my own special book (which is not here yet).....which I am to study and learn from at my own pace and come back and discuss with my tutor. They thought I would be bored and not challenged in the "normal" classes because, apparantly, I am not a normal hearing signer.

What is interesting to me is that there are 2 deaf girls here and they are in the "normal" class.....not sure how to take that (lol)...... I do know that one of the girls grew up mainstreamed and did not learn sign until college, so she may be actually a little weaker in her vocabulary and conversational skills because she associates mostly with hearing people (and I associate mostly with deaf people.) I am not sure about the other deaf lady....I'll have to spend some time with her to see what her skills are.

Not real sure how to feel about this....I was feeling really awkward at first when I met with the tutor because I had no idea why I was the only person without a class. I thought I would (finally) get formal ASL classes here, and it seems I am STILL not going to get that. But my tutor (April) is a really nice person and I think it will be fun to meet the challenge.....she wants me to Grow from this experience and that is my goal too, so ..... we shall see!!!! Can't wait to get my book!! Also, can't wait to hear from the other ladies about how their class went!!!

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