Sunday, June 28, 2009

UT Knoxville

I have finished my first week on the TSD campus in Knoxville. I really love the town! I've had a great time here but I am SO READY to go home!!

Today is the first day of OTD (Orientation to Deafness) on the TSD campus. I am SO tired.....last week was pretty stressful between the exploding toilet, the alarms going off in the middle of the night.....the 9 hours of grad school work (8 a.m. -10 p.m. some days)....including papers and projects due, presentations due, and exams. Shew....what a week!!

This week should be easier. As I said, OTD starts today. We have our briefing at 7 tonight so I'll know more after that. First thing we have to do is teach the deaf lady who moved in the room beside me how to not slam goodness! She's moving in, so hopefully she won't be going in and out every 5 minutes after today, but that door has SLAMMED every single time.....SQUEEEEEKKKKK....SLAM! SQUEEEEEKKKKKK......SLAM! over and over again! (lol)

Tomorrow morning I will have a SLPI eval (sign language profeciency interview). We will have this at the beginning and at the end of our program to mark improvement with ASL classes all 5 weeks.

I still have 2 nights of grad classes left....tomorrow night is my presentation of my Research Design project and Wed. night is the final exam.

Looking forward to getting the OTD schedule and my new books!! more later!

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