Monday, January 25, 2010


Went to the orthopedic doc today.....was sent to meet with the surgeon. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday and a follow up consultation with the surgeon on Feb. 10. Looks like we will be doing surgery for sure. Just a matter of whether it will consist of an invasive or a non-invasive procedure. Either way, there will be several weeks of restricted use in my right arm along with MONTHS of PT. Not looking forward to that, but praying this will take care of the pain in that arm once and for all.

As it is right now I can not play the piano at all, I'm having difficulty signing, it hurts to even write or type on the computer.............argh! It is also causing problems in my neck and shoulder but hopefully that will clear up after we get the elbow "fixed".

The non-invasive procedure is the preferred option but we won't know until after the MRI (depending on the severity of damage) if I can go that route. If so, it involves drawing some of my blood, seperating out the platelets of the red blood cells and after some process they do with that, re-injecting the platelets back into the elbow. The reason is that this part of the blood helps with healing and re-growth (or something like that). But once it is injected I have to rest that arm for about 6 weeks to allow the healing to occur or I could do severe permanent damage. After the healing time I start PT.

The doctor said this is out-patient surgery but that it is very painful and that I will hate him for at least 6 weeks. But if I go this route, I should at least be able to go back to work quickly (which means I can get internship hours). I WON"T be able to sign during the healing period. I'm not sure about how much I'll be able to do on the computer. That is SCARY (because of grad school). I might have to hire someone to help me with my typing.

WOW, and that option is the BETTER option.

Well, that is the update on THAT!

As for the shingles.....I am doing better. Not contagious, not running a fever, and feeling better....but the sight is still very painful and has left me with a horrible headache. SO thankful I caught it early and got on the anti-viral meds. It could've been much much worse. And the sight was very small....only about the size of a quarter. It's almost completely healed (as far as how it looks).

Welp, off to do homework. (Seems like 47 years old is TOO OLD to be doing homework). 3 more months in this semester. 10 weeks this summer. FINSHED! I can do this!!!!!

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