Thursday, January 21, 2010

This too shall pass~

Wow.....what in the world?? Problems with my meds for that increased and going back to the Neurologist in 6 wks. Problems with my arm--tennis elbow---PT, etc.....going back to the Orthopedist Monday. Now I can't believe it...................Shingles. Lovely. It's just one place on my right temple but man it HURTS. And my head hurts from it and my right eye hurts and burns. Praying it will not spread. On meds for that now and stuck at home at least until Monday. :/

Oh well......................this too shall pass!!

School is going well. I love my professors for Cognitive Disabilities (Wed. night class) and Physical Disabilitites (Friday night class). Not so much my Internship professor (Tues. night class) but most of this semester's work is on-site supervised (and I love my manager who is my supervisor) so this should be a good semester overall. PROVIDED that I can be well enough to get in my 600 hours on-site for internship!! ARGH!

It'll be all good. I love my family, love my job, and for the most part love my schooling so it's all good. :) Looking on the bright side of staying home for 4 days and trying to figure out how to best spend my time (while at the same time de-stressing and resting which is what I have to do as doctor's orders..........) hmmm.....

First things first---cook my FAVORITE meal in the world---homemade spaghetti!!
Second--I have some GREAT library books--a series by Lauraine Snelling that I'm right in the middle of...YAY!
Third--get AHEAD on my school work for a change :)
Fourth--rest without interuption :)
Fifth....nope, 4 is enough. Gonna make this a good 4 days!!

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