Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the short row!!

As we say in the USAF, I'm gettin' to be a short-timer!! Counting the days until I can come home. WOOHOO! Mark will be on his way here one week from tomorrow!! Tomorrow, Fri., Monday and Tues I have regular classes minus Audiology. That means ASL all morning and Rehab. issues in Deafness all afternoon.

Saturday a group of us (all in the same cohort at UT) are going to Townsend to hang out with another one of our classmates who has a cabin there. I am REALLY looking forward to a day in the mountains. The cabin is "right on the river" and we might rent tubes and do some tubing after we have a cook out and just be lazy for a while.

Sunday I'm planning to go to a church here in K'ville (the preacher is deaf)..........should be interesting.

This week has been ok so far. Monday was very interesting.....we had "deaf-blind" day and did some pretty eye-opening activities. Very cool!!!

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